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Cats And Crows - 'Winter' Album Review


1, Bored

2. My Friends On The wall

3. A Certain Kind

4. Up In The Sky

5. I Know You

6. Alone Again

7. Winter

8. The Race To The Bottom

Back in my student days I loved this kind of music, bands like the Kevin McDermott Orchestra were always playing in my room. Over the years I’ve not listened to anything new of a similar vein, I found my bands and didn’t try anything new, still holding those old bands close to my heart.

What a surprise this album has been, its excellent! If I’m honest I wasn’t expecting to like this but its so well written, sung and played its impossible not to.

'Bored' is an incredibly honest admission of an inability of a man to commit, 'My Friends On The Wall' is wistful without being maudlin about those we lose from our lives, "A certain Kind" speaks volumes about how hard some people find it to say what they are really thinking and feeling, it’s a lovely song wrapping round a tale of ultimate sadness.

'Up In The Sky' is just beautiful, a song I don’t think I will ever tire of listening to. 'I Know You' is the song many of us wish we could write for someone we know has our back but doesn’t but who we rarely tell. 'Alone Again' is someone who knows they need to change things but clearly can’t or won’t face up to what they need to do. Cheerful its not but it is honest and real.

'Winter' is such a sad song, we have all felt like this at times. 'Race To The Bottom' is the perfect song to finish this album. This is a man who knows he has it good but feels he doesn’t deserve to.

Cats and Crows deserve to be massive, in a time when Ed Sheeran is one of our biggest selling artists perhaps some people need to try and expand their horizons and listen this band. They write beautifully touching music that doesn’t shy away from instilling a sense of loss, sadness and alienation. Its an album I can’t recommend highly enough. Go download it now!

Check out their video for 'A Certain Kind'

Review - Iain McClay

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