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RCKLSS - 'So Cynical' EP Review


1. Every Time

2. Animals

3. Struggle

4. Tell You

5. Sorry For Trying

6. Empty Space

Brighton born rockers RCKLSS are definitely not reckless with their upcoming debut EP "So Cynical" scheduled for February 1st 2019. The band consists of Matty Halliwell, Lewis Horsley, Laurence Burkitt, and Josh Woolnough.

The first single released "Animals" although heavily influenced by Pop, still stays true to traditional Pop Punk. The anthemic "Tell You" is rousing, catchy, and almost reminds you of Cartel, so you'll be singing for days. But while you're enjoying those two tracks, be sure to get your hands on the remaining 4.

The opening song of the EP "Every Time" hits you with a punch. The epic guitars, followed by the beefy drums have all the makings of an amazing intro track. Once Matty Halliwell's vocals hit it brings it all home. You can understand why they have support from Amazing Radio, as well as BBC Introducing the South.

"Struggle" which is track 3 has a beautiful piano intro, it's almost reminicent of R&B or Soul artists, all while maintaining the Pop Punk sound and originality. It's really exciting to hear something new sounding.

Coming in at number 5 "Sorry For Trying" is probably the most nostalgic of them all for me. Taking me back to Warped Tour and watching Bowling For Soup, but still staying true to themselves. Overall my personal favorite track on this amazing debut.

"Empty Space" which is also the final track, is a wonderful yet somber song. While the song starts slow and chill, it builds up and catches you in the feels, then bringing it back around to being chill.

RCKLSS's "So Cynical" is it's down right awesome. They wanted to make sure that when they hit an emotion, they hit it as hard as possible, oh and they certainly delivered.

4/5 stars from me, so I will definietly be picking up my copy of "So Cynical" on February 1st 2019.

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Review - Andre Judge

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