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Slaves - 'Revision' EP Review


1. Body On Fire

2. I'd Rather See Your Star Explode

3. True Colors

4. The Pact

5. Down For The Ride (Ft. Jessie Abbey)

6. My Soul Is Empty And Full Of White Girls

Hailing from Sacramento, California, Post-Hardcore outfit Slaves are on the verge of dropping a very exciting release in the form of an Acoustic EP, titled 'Revisions'. Due for release on the 18th January via SBG Records, the extended play will feature four Acoustic covers of some of their most loved tracks, three of which are from last years LP 'Beautiful Death' and also two brand new songs for fans to dig their teeth into.

Seeing Slaves announce that they were releasing an Acoustic EP certainly was intriguing, their music is already beautiful and emotive enough as it is, but there's no denying that they pack the key ingredients to deliver and take their already mastered sound and have themselves heard in a new way.

The EP starts off with new song 'Body On Fire' which is also the EP's lead single. The song depicts vocalist Craig demonstrating his feelings for a love interest, and partnered with the soothingly soft guitar notes make it a true joy for the ears. Empowering lyrics such as 'Don't you know we can do anything?' are a real mood lifter.

The highlight comes in the form of 'True Colours'. This is an example where the original is already packed with emotion and is so raw already, but hearing it in a new perspective is still very much welcomed. Craig really gets to put his outstanding soulful voice to work and it's so easy to lose yourself in the beautiful harmonies.

Two other songs that fair very strongly are 'The Pact' and 'I'd Rather See Your Star Explode' which, like 'True Colours' are also from the latest record 'Beautiful Death' highlighting just what a solid body of work it is for Slaves.

The other new song, 'Down For The Ride' see's Craig's vocals partnered up nicely with a female backing singer's, as he details 'I never thought I could get any better, and my past only made me feel worse'. The songs touches upon that fear of not wanting to lose someone, not wanting to lose their love, and is a recurring theme throughout this EP.

In contrast to how some of the songs on this EP are covers of already very soft, emotive pieces of music, the EP closer 'My Soul Is Empty and Full Of White Girls' is a more stripped back cover of what is actually one of their more heavier songs and fits in perfectly alongside the other powerful and intimate Acoustic songs from this release.

Slaves have totally nailed their attempt at an Acoustic EP, and it's to no surprise as their music is just made for it. It would be great if more bands decided to follow suit, as it's something of a rarity nowadays. Slaves are due to tour the UK in the coming weeks in support of the new EP, supporting the mighty Escape The Fate!

Review - Sam Robinson

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