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Reel Big Fish - 'Life Sucks... Let’s Dance' Album Review


1. Life Sucks... Let's Dance!

2. Pissed Off

3. You Can't Have All Of Me

4. In Love Again

5. Tongue Tied And Tipsy Too

6. Bleached Thang, Baby

7. Another Beer Song

8. Bob Marley's Toe

9. Ska Show

10. The Good Old Days

11. G.D. Beautiful Day

12. I Should Know By Now

13. I'd Rather Get It Wrong

14. Walter's Highlife

I like me a bit of Reel Big Fish; they always seem a happy go lucky band having the time of their lives. They often throw the odd cover version in which they do well.

'Life Sucks...Let’s Dance' is their new album. It starts off with the title track, its fun, it’s poppy, it sets the tone of the album which is hey let’s have some fun, life is shitty!

Track two 'Pissed Off' is as catchy as a catchy thing that’s rather catchy. “You got me pissed off”, easy to remember chorus. I must admit I’m wondering why I don’t listen to Reel Big Fish more often, not bad only two tracks in!

These guys are towards the Pop end of Ska, they are bouncier than Tigger when he got his bounce back. The sound is loud, brash, and symphonic at times, breakneck speed all the time. I find it amazing that this is their eighth album; they still have their groove well and truly on. The bands lyrics are pithy, sarcastic but rarely dark. They are partial to a daft song title too, like 'Tongue Tied And Tipsy Too', 'Bleached Thang, Baby' and 'Bob Marley’s Toe'. I have to say I’m smiling while I’m listening!

'Another Beer Song' is brilliant, poking fun at love lost, hey if I get pissed enough I’ll forget about her! Hilarious.

'Bob Marley’s Toe' lives up to its name, it’s a cartoon schizophrenic beast and totally silly. If I was being overly critical 'Life Sucks...Let’s Dance' starts to lag a little bit in the middle, very briefly though, 'G.D. Beautiful Day' is an absolute belter and quickly displaces any thoughts of fatigue.

I’ve never really noticed until 'I’d Rather Get It Wrong' how much RBF remind me of They Might Be Giants! Vocals are very similar, not that it’s a bad thing. 'Walters Highlife' closes the album. It’s, dare I say, quite delicate. It’s a rather lovely instrumental, reminiscent of Hawaii, tropical sun bleached parties with drinks served in coconuts but still with its ska credentials.

Overall Life Sucks...Let’s dance is a fine album. It’s fun, it’s catchy. I score it 4 stars as for me it droops a little in the middle. Definitely worth repeated listens though.

Review - Andrew Forcer

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