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David Gray Releases New Single 'A Tight Ship'

David Gary has revealed his new single 'A Tight Ship', the second track to emerge from the album - produced by Ben De Vries and due March 8 alongside a sold-out Royal Festival Hall headline show - following lead single 'The Sapling'. Speaking about the track, Gray says; “This was by far the toughest track to get right. It has a quirky chord structure that keeps changing key and I’m singing in an almost Marvin Gaye falsetto, which is in no way comfortable for me. For ages I had the opening couplet ‘The better then, to know myself/Fear be damned, let love be wealth’. Beyond that, I was stuck. The song has a lovely lightness that means the lyrics couldn’t be heavy-footed. The line that unlocked it was ‘To dance like no one sees’. That’s the pay-off.”

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