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I FIGHT BEARS - 'Gold' Single Review

"Gold" by I FIGHT BEARS is a cover of the classic by Spandau Ballet which was, let's be clear, a little before I paid much attention to music and never a favourite. But as songs go, it is pretty ubiquitous, you probably all know it, now imagine it as a brutal full bore down-tuned screaming Metal track... got that in your head?

That's what this is, it's a fun idea, executed very well, it's a Spandau Ballet song done as a Metal song. Making a Metal version of a classic Pop song is not always the obvious idea, but it's by no means a unique one (have Disturbed done it twice?). Full marks for the performance (in my opinion it is more listenable than Spandau Ballet's original) but I think I might prefer to hear I FIGHT BEARS' original music, their name is after all pretty cool.

Review - Mike McLaughlin

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