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T Clemente Band - 'Man Machine' Album Review


1. Wild And Crazy

2. Man Machine

3. It's Rock And Roll

4. Sunset In Your Eyes

5. Fuel My Fire

6. Unacceptable

7. I've Had Enough

8. One Voice

9. Heaven's Eyes

10. Rock U.K. Tour

11. Lasso Motion

American Rock at almost its finest. I can see this in a barnlike bar with a row of Harleys outside and a crowd going wild.

The first song walks in and kicks you awake, it's determined to get you up and moving. What it doesn’t do is make me think I want to listen to that again at home, I’d love to be in the venue when they play this, its just not listen at home music for me. It could work well in a car if you want to drive that bit faster….

The second song changes tack a bit, it did feel like I could be listening to Heart in their prime. This very much verged on Power Rock ballad territory. Then I listened more closely to the lyrics and realised they weren’t great, it just felt like it was trying to hard. The singers voice is great, it just needs better lyrics, the song also then went on too long for me, I can see that this will sound great live and get a crowd on its feet.

By this stage I began to suspect this is an album written by an excellent live band, who were trying to catch that on record and not quite getting there. It’s a shame as I liked the lead singers voice and suspect, if they tour in this country, that the shows will be excellent.

The rest of the album continues in the same vein, quality Rock music with great vocals but lyrics that don’t quite get there. There is nothing standing out quite enough to get this above a four out of five album.

T Clemente band are a band I think I would thoroughly enjoy seeing live, the vocalist has a consummate Rock voice. I also suspect I would enjoy this album more once I had seen them live as a reminder of a great live show, but listening to this as an album first, it never quite convinced me that it was a Classic Rock album that I couldn’t be without, almost, but not quite.

I wanted to think this is a 5 out of 5 album and it may be that as I listen to it again, and I will, I may come to regret not being more positive in this review, a lot of my four here came from the vocals, I thought they were tremendous. I will watch for them to tour again as one song was all about touring the UK, in the hope of seeing a quality Rock band strutting their stuff.

Review - Iain McClay

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