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Ben Granfelt - 'My Soul To You' Album Review


1.Weight Of The World

2. Life, Living And You

3. This Is Love

4. My Soul To You

5. A Better Place

6. Fuel To Burn

7. My Heroine

8. Tough Love

9. Mind Your Head And Watch Your Step

10. Sunrise

Let me start by saying this is a consummate Bluesy Rock album, its professional, quality, Blues-based Rock. For those who like this genre I think you will enjoy this and probably wonder why I only gave it 3 out of 5. It’s a genre I happily listen to myself, but this album didn’t do it for me. There is no fault with the playing, the singing or the arrangements. I have no doubt it will sound great turned up loud in a car driving at night or played live.

For me though there is something missing. The guitar playing can’t be faulted, I enjoyed it but, and this is my issue, there is nothing distinctive about Ben Granfelt’s voice, it’s a perfectly decent Rock voice but nothing stands out. Nothing makes me think I can’t wait to listen to that again.

When you add to that the lyrics, at times, sound cliched, it just means, when there are so many Classic Bluesy Rock voices out there who can write better lyrics, that I won’t be playing this again.

The best song for me is ‘This Is love’ the one song where Ben turns the lead vocals over to a female vocalist and concentrates on playing. It just works so much better than the songs where he is lead vocalist.

I wish I liked this album more, I can feel there is a lot of passion that went into making this, its not for me but if you like this genre have a listen, you may find yourself thinking that I’m an idiot and have no idea what I’m talking about. You may be right….

Review - Iain McClay

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