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River Fury Release Video For New Single 'Wasteful'

London quartet River Fury are set to make their grand entrance on 30th November, with the release of their debut EP '5 Year Plan' on Painted Halo Records. The band recently premiered the commanding and anthemic first single from the record 'Wasteful', now they release the official video for the single.

Vocalist and guitarist Patric Nutton explains, “Far from being a call to hedonism, the song slyly mocks that and is more about the process of growing up. It's hard sometimes to exactly state the meaning, because to my mind the reckless abandon of a guitar riff or throwing shapes or having sex even are much more meaningful than simple wasteful hedonism. The video vaguely nods to that, the blue bottle as a metaphor for some of life’s rites of passage, a truth serum that invites the band and listener to lose themselves. The objects and scenes shown in the clip have various symbolic levels, and we’re very much enjoying the idea of letting the viewer figure out what each means, especially the erotic raw chicken massage.”

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