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Dallas Remington - 'Freedom' Album Review


1. Boy In A Band

2. Found Her Freedom

3. You Forgot To Tell

4. Never Turned Around

5. Learn To Fly

6. Pay For That

7. Never Left The Farm

Here in America, there is a great upswell in artists that are rediscovering Country music from past eras and taking it back away from some of the other contemporary genres that have given us some of the awful things that have permeated country radio for the last several years. Artists such as Ella Langley, Haleigh Martin, and Dallas Remington incorporate other influences into their sound but maintain a true Country feeling in the music. Remington released this mini album earlier this year, but I have only just recently discovered it after hearing the excellent current single, ‘Never Turned Around.’ Remington hails originally from Kentucky and is not quite 20 years old but has already demonstrated an excellent ability to write songs with depth and hooks. She was only 11 years old when she began singing and playing guitar in Nashville and has obviously applied everything she has learned to create this great introduction to her music.

Back in the 90’s, there were great artists such as Lila McCann whose youth would sometimes be more evident in the lyrics than in the songs or their voices. My first impression of the 90’s Country sounding song title ‘Boy In A Band’ told me I might be seeing something similar here, but Remington instead really comes across as a woman with her huge voice packing significant punch. The low throaty tone soars when it needs too and reminds me a bit of how Trisha Yearwood sounded on ‘Walkaway Joe’ back in the 90’s. ‘Found Her Freedom’ adds some Southern Rock to the mix a la Montgomery Gentry or Travis Tritt. I love the way the harmonica is used in spots here to add some more power to the song. This song sounds timeless and should have seen airplay across Country radio all over America like it would have 20 years ago. Remington’s vocal tones also shine on the Bluesy ‘You Forgot To Tell’ where she details the end of a relationship gone bad. This is the type of song that Sass Jordan also sings so well. Remington’s ability to pick her spots and deliver bigger moments when they are really needed is awesome.

‘Never Turned Around’ was my first taste of Remington’s music and sent me looking for more so it obviously accomplished its goal. This is an up tempo song that details how quickly young love can go its own ways. There is some excellent acoustic guitar picking here, and I could see this song making an impact on Texas radio stations if given a chance. While the lyrics detail the stories of a teenage love, it is sang from the perspective of someone who has lived some years and has the ability to look back on the time with a new perspective of what it all meant. The acoustic ballad ‘Learn To Fly’ would be a logical single with its story of leaving home. I love the use of the piano here as well as the great guitar work. She picks some spots here for some higher tones in her vocals. This song is simply excellent.

Alan Jackson was one of the first things that came to mind on the playful acoustic ‘Pay For That’ where Remington effectively uses her drawl to add some attitude to her vocal. This has one of those simple choruses that has you singing along by the end of the song, but it is clever enough that it has kept me coming back to it. Wrapping up this album is the powerful ‘Never Left The Farm.’ This song traces the life of a soldier who is facing hell in battle and where his thoughts are in those final moments. The instrumentation is more restrained here and features an awesome tribute with the drums in the final moments of the song.

Dallas Remington is likely a brand new name to many, but it won’t be for long based on this album. These are seven songs sang from her heart and soul that deserve to be heard by a wider audience. I am also certain that this is just the first of many releases to come. I love how she takes from the Blues and Rock to add depth to her Country while always having it feel like a Country record. This is genuine and recommended for my fellow Country music connoisseurs.

‘Freedom’ is available now.

Review - Gerald Stansbury

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