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Chasing Dragons Release Lyric Video For New Single 'Parasite'

Chasing Dragons have unleashed a second taste of what will come from their new album 'Faction' with a brand new single. The single is called 'Parasite', and follows on from the huge success of Faction's first single 'Like Gravity'. “Parasite” is about that hook that you can’t quite remove. Everyone’s got one; a thing, an addiction, an obsession, maybe even someone. It’s about trying to run from it and realising you can’t quite get away. So you turn on it, do anything you can to “cast it out” because you’ve finally had enough. We tried to capture this feel in the frenetic riffery that opens the track, right through to the (almost irritatingly!) catchy upbeat verses that stick with you and the hooky chorus that pulls you in. You’ve got a parasite in you and you can’t get it out!"

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