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The Singles Lowdown With Gerald Stansbury

CAMU - ‘Empire State Of Sound’ (T Bag Records)

This was a brand new name to me and recommended by someone who’s taste I trust. I ended up playing this song about 5 times the first night I heard it. There is a little guitar riff at the beginning that briefly recalls the likes of old Europe, but the song itself really reminds me of Michael Monroe’s solo work. The chorus seems overly wordy but really works. CAMU sings in the same kind of casual vocal that Monroe does so well. This is an exciting intro of someone to watch.

Hands Off Gretel - ‘Kiss Me Girl’ (Self Released)

The first time I ever saw a video by Hands Off Gretel I knew that Lauren Tate was destined to be a star. She just has that intangible “it” factor. Following the grungy 90’s influenced ‘Burn The Beauty Queen,’ the band give us this taste of their upcoming new album. This trashy Punk number was also an instant hit with me and benefits from its free spirit. Lauren’s ace in the hole? She has a complete band who feed off each other incredibly well.

Charlie Faye & The Fayettes - ‘I Don’t Need No Baby’ (Bigger Better More Records)

Inspired by the classic girl groups of the 60’s, Charlie Faye and the Fayettes came onto my radar about two years ago with their self-titled debut album. This early single from their follow up album due in early 2019 finds them providing beautiful vocals over an easy going beat that is purely hypnotic and infectious.

Pleasant Dreams - ‘I Wanna Get High’ (Self-Released)

Glasgow based Grunge rocking trio introduce their first original recording with a huge chunky guitar riff and a raging vocal that commands attention. There are times where I am most reminded of early Kerbdog but with a slightly cleaner vocal hook. Jessica and company should turn heads quickly and would be a great support band for Hands Off Gretel.

Stand Atlantic - ‘Lavender Bones’ (Hopeless Records)

I heard this one and immediately started bugging the editor for a copy of the album to review. This song is incredibly catchy and has crossover hit written all over it. Stand Atlantic come to us from Australia and are as Pop Punk as you would expect from Hopeless Records. Bonnie Fraser’s voice is perfect here, as it also is on their previous EP. This band should be huge before we know it.

Scumbag Millionaire - ‘Burn Baby Burn’ (Suburban Records

Punk 'n' Roll is alive and well on this second single from their upcoming album ‘Speed’ proves. This isn’t rocket science. This is dirty grimy sweaty Rock distilled from the likes of the Hellacopters and Gluecifer. Combined with first single ‘Fast Action,’ I look forward to hearing the whole album.

Southwest By Midnight - ‘Vamanos’ (Self Released)

Arizona rockers Southwest By Midnight make music designed for singalongs and quickly winning over crowds that like to put the alcoholic drinks back. They are light hearted and will likely put a smile on your face. Dierdre Evans has a huge voice, which you can also enjoy on her solo work, and will have you singing this fun desert rocker by the end of the first chorus.

RIVAL SONS - ‘Do Your Worst’ (Atlantic Records)

These guys just get better and better with every album. This new single is no exception as the bluesy riff slides inside your brain and makes your body move to the groove. This could so easily slide off the rails into cliche but instead sounds like a 70’s Blues Rock band has been transported to now and just let the music do the talking. Their slow ascent continues and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The Sweet Things - ‘Slather’ (Self Released)

This one has been out for a while, but the world doesn’t know about it yet so I thought I would give it some love here. The Sweet Things combine all the best elements of Sleazy Rock into one delicious cocktail of Hard Rock. Inspired by the likes of the Heartbreakers, the Rolling Stones, and Aerosmith, they craft songs dripping in hooks and are in the process of working on their debut album. Consider it my tip for 2019 and start following them now.

Natalie Christine - ‘Dear Heaven’ (Self Released)

Natalie Christine released an EP (‘Broken from the Start’) earlier this year which absolutely blew me away and is currently my EP of the year. Follow up single ‘Dear Heaven’ finds her singing soulfully over a soft beat and minimal instrumentation to highlight just how great her vocal is. This song is made for late night listening when everything seems to be going off the rails. Her debut full length record should also be with us soon.

Review - Gerald Stansbury

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