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Smoking Martha – 'In Deep' Album Review


1. So Lonely

2. Say You're Mine

3. To The Stars

4. Ebb Of The Tide

5. One Night

6. Baby Let Me Go

7. Follow

8. Find A Way

9. What's Her Name

10. Stranger Things

11. All Lit Up (Bonus Demo)

12. Bad Choices (Bonus Demo)

13. Fake Promises (Bonus Demo)

14. Heavy Heart (Bonus Demo)

15. Sweet As Honey (Bonus Demo)

If I start this review by saying I don’t like to give negative reviews, I like to find positives in every album, then you get an idea of what’s coming!

Smoking Martha has at least made me take a long hard look at myself. I have very few albums by female vocalists, why is that? Am I sexist? I’d like to think I’m not.

Anyhow, In Deep. What do I reckon? Well if I’m honest I’m bored. I may commit the ultimate reviewers no no and not make it to the end. It’s been done before, many times by far superior bands. To me the band sounds bored; it just feels like they are going through the emotions. Evanescence do this already, I suppose there is a nod to 60’s and 70’s Blues Rock too but again, been there, heard it, bought the t-shirt.

Tasha D, vocalist sounds something like Gwen Stephanie, the pouting type vocals that quite frankly grates on me, sorry! Having had a peak online it seems I might be alone in these thoughts, the band seems to be garnering some blinding reviews, and maybe it’s me?

So aside from the fact I’m not keen on the vocal style what else?

The album seems pretty formulaic, the song writing basic, sure there are some great moments, but that’s all they are, moments. I’m ending my review here. I lasted to track twelve. Just not for me! Smoking Martha – In Deep gets 1.5 stars from me.

Review - Andrew Forcer

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