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Nosound - 'Allow Yourself' Album Review


1. ego drip

2. shelter

3. dont you dare

4. my drug

5. miracle

6. this night

7. at peace

8. growing in me

9. saviour

10. weights

11. defy

Okay so I know I am in a bit of an emotional state at the moment but should an album bring you to tears in its perfection? Because Nosound have just done that very thing with 'Allow Yourself'.

In no particular hurry to get anywhere songs build up from seemingly nothing until your heart is soaring. Think DJ Shadows Endtroducing, UNKLE, Portishead, Massive Attack Lofi kinda vibe to it. Opening track could easily feature on a Spiritualized album and not be out of place. Due to the emotional wreck it has made me I would suggest your first listen should be alone, preferably with a pet or cuddly toy on hand to hug, a bucket of coffee and probably a few tissues. I really can’t put into words just what an effect this album is having on me, I’m shocked quite frankly. An album comes along once in a while and you feel a shift inside, like something fundamental has changed and life will never be the same. This is one of those albums. I feel anxious, vunerable, isolated. I need a hug and for someone to tell me everything will be alright!

Having done a bit of checking up on Nosound I have seen they have quite a back catalogue, usually I would be scrabbling to purchase everything by them having listened to such a masterpiece. This time I’m not sure. 'Allow Yourself' is fragile in its beauty, I worry that the bands other material will not ignite such emotions in me, is it possible that they could? I am aware I have used such words as “perfection” and “masterpiece”, I do not use these words lightly. I truly am gobsmacked at this album, I don’t want it to end, but all great things must. We will all move on with our lives but with the knowledge that at least for me Nosound changed my life, if only a little bit and for a short time. I can’t think of any accolade better than that. Bravo!

Of course Allow Yourself by Nosound gets 5 stars. Please buy it, for me at least?

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Review - Andrew Forcer

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