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Slimboy - 'Sail On Sailor' Album Review


1. Falling Apart

2. Heart's All Gone

3. Let It Go

4. Sorrows

5. Whatever

6. Believe In You

7. Downfall

8. Freak

9. So-Called Unity

10. Life/Death (Ghost Of You)

So after making the request for some more Punk to listen to I was given Sail on Sailor by the 3 Piece Punk outfit hailing from Switzerland; Slimboy.

Right away the first track “Falling Apart” kicks in with a solo intro vocal line which felt very similar to NOFX’s Fat Mike. This opens up the track to an awesome burst in by the whole band. Instantly you get a feel for the kind of sound these guys are crafting, which is a fast paced Punk Thrill ride.

This is followed by the even faster paced track; “Hearts All Gone” coming in with a total time of 1:46, some might think this a particularly sort duration for a song, but it just wouldn’t be punk otherwise would it? But then we quickly move onto “Let It Go” which comes in at a respectable 4:07, this song has a steadier tempo and is a bit more of a heartfelt track, something the crowd could easily sing along to.

“Sorrows” comes in next and this time really brings things down to a much slower pace, the steady drumbeat and Guitar with vocal overlay in some ways kind of reminded me of “There Is” by Boxcar Racer, you know which track I mean, the one that was on P-Rock every other track back in the noughties before P-Rock was tragically torn away from us never to return!

“Whatever” comes in next with a bit more of an upbeat tempo and now I’m really starting to find that teenage angst I’ve been waiting to relive, and with a track title like that I can hardly say I was surprised!

“Believe In You” slows us back down for a single Guitar intro with those Fat Mike-esque vocals I’ve come to love, before moving onto a bit more of a build up with the remaining band members though the tempo and tone remains mostly the same.

Just as the album has you feel like it’s winding down “Downfall” kicks in with that faster upbeat tempo and feel and suddenly I’m alive again! “Freak” then comes in continuing that momentum with a speedy tempo and extra punky feel and even some backing “Woahs” to really drive the point home.

The next track “So-Called Unity” comes in and feels in some ways quite reminiscent of Sum 41 during their “Does This Look Infected” album, again a fast paced tempo and interesting guitar and rhythm work keeps the song driving forward before a cool Bass solo leading to a bit of a breakdown. The Album ends with another steadier track “Life Death (Ghost of You) which again was feeling more heartfelt and reminiscent of their earlier track “Let it Go”

Ultimately I can confidently say I enjoyed Sail On Sailor, the Fat Mike style lyrics and punky music worked really well, however I kept finding the tracks I particularly enjoyed tended to be the shorter ones rolling in at an average duration of around 2 minutes. I was often left wanting more of those when I would unfortunately (for me) end up onto another slower tempo song. Some constructive criticism from me would be that after a few tracks things started to feel quite samey, so maybe the band could look into different genres to spice up the feel of their sound.

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Review - Ric Snell

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