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Forgotten Sons - 'Pennies In The Water' Single Review

I like to do ‘research’ (Google, although apparently other search engines are available) on bands before I write, it helps me to feel like I’m actually working, rather than just listening to music and spouting off some nonsense. The end result may be the same, but like I say, it makes me feel better. During my research of Lerwick’s Forgotten Sons, I happened across a live review published in The Shetland Times, where the reviewer left early because the music was too loud. Even before I’d listened to ‘Pennies In The Water’, I was warming to them.

It’s clear to me that music is heavily influenced by the place and societies in which it’s produced; the industrial bangs and crashes of the West Midlands are reflected in the Heavy Metal which was spawned there, The Clash’s Punk was heavily influenced by the Afro-Caribbean music of their locale, and Punk generally reflected the societal discord of the era. And so Forgotten Sons, despite producing a melodic Hard Rock sound, reflect the Folk music for which the Highlands and Islands of Scotland are famed.

The intro and close of ‘Pennies In The Water’ are unashamedly folky in their delivery and harmony, and there are echoes of this throughout the song. There are echoes also, of fellow Scots Biffy Clyro, in their mellow approach to the Hard Rock genre, which can’t be ignored, but surely that’s no bad thing? This is a bloody lovely track, with a real warmth and depth to the sound; a song of camaraderie in the face of despair, lost dreams and of friends rescuing friends.

On this showing, even if they turned up in my front room, and racked it all the way up to eleven, I’d want to stay to the end.

Review - Jon Stokes

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