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STOLAR Releases Video For New Single 'F*cked Up Crazy'

After writing two hits singles for Aloe Blacc ("Brookyn In the Summer") and Hall & Oates featuring Train ("Philly Forget Me Not") earlier this year, NYC-based singer/songwriter/poly-genre multi-instrumentalist STOLAR is stepping out from behind the curtain again with the release of his new single and vertical video for "F*cked Up Crazy". The intimate and tech-savvy video features Brooke Johnson, Miss Alaska USA 2018 and is shot in a vertical style that emulates an Instagram story, allowing the viewer to get an inside look at the daily goings-on of STOLAR's hectic life.

Speaking on the video, STOLAR says "I think this video is about REAL life. It is literally a night with a new person I met in New Orleans. She is also Miss Alaska USA and a mental health advocate. It’s real, raw, no bullshit or structuring. It's just a peek into life. I think it comments on how complicated the balance between real life and technology is. This is the new real, even though it’s digital; it’s life experience. I wanted to share this part of myself with the world so they could see that it’s okay to be a little crazy and wild, if that's who you are. It doesn’t make you 'good' or 'bad'. Crazy, sad, happy, ugly, messy are all beautiful things. I want to celebrate them all." "F*cked Up Crazy' is really about caving in to be with someone who you know will completely tear you apart," Stolar explains about the song's meaning. "It's a love story where I’m convinced that this person and I are perfect for each other since we are both 'f*cked up.' The truth is, however, that we are just being manipulated by the dark side of our minds because we don't want to be alone."

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