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WITTERQUICK - The Asylum, Birmingham 11.08.2018

It's Saturday night and Pop Rock outfit WITTERQUICK stop off in Birmingham's Asylum Venue in their penultimate show before they play a hometown gig in Exeter to bring a close to their mini headline show run. Due to traffic I unfortunately miss the opening band, and miss much of the second bands set, as I arrive they are halfway through an upbeat cover of Rick Astley's 'Never Gonna Give You Up', setting the tone for a fun night ahead.

With a total of 5 bands on the bill though there is still much to look forward to, and up next are ‘The Kaizens’, a four piece Indie Rock band from Devon. As a photographer I often find myself drawn to the more energetic performers, and guitarist Josh May is just that, he hardly keeps still! Their set consists of the songs that have the usual style of Indie sound that you might expect but with that extra bit of punch that makes them interesting. At one point they make a spontaneous change in the setlist to play new song 'Broken' which is a stand out highlight and a sign that there are great things to come from this bunch.

Providing the main support of the night was Everything Aside. A female fronted Alt Rock three piece from Coventry. Vocalist and Guitarist Kate Thompson is a great performer and has that special something that makes you remember this band on the night. As a collective the trio are very tight-nit and play off each other's energy and is real a joy to watch. These guys get major bonus points for playing covers of Pvris’ ‘St. Patrick’ and also Paramore’s ‘Hard Times’, which go down an absolute treat with the crowd. I believe WITTERQUICK also asked these guys to join them in their final show of the tour, in their hometown of Exeter, which is awesome!

It’s time for the Headline act and WITTERQUICK take to the stage. Right from the get go the interaction with the crowd is great, vocalist Will spends nearly as much time clung to the barriers as he does on stage it seems, and it's great because you really get the sense that the guys are having the time of their lives up there - and that it genuinely means a lot to them. We are treated to a great acoustic solo number from Will and 'Hiding Place' is another track that holds really well. But the highlight of the set and possibly the whole night comes in the form of 'Bubblegum', a real feel good song with great catchy Pop melodies that the crowd really takes to - and for good reason, it's a banger! As the night comes to a close the boys bring the curtains down with 'Rise' and it caps off the show wonderfully. Members of all bands hang around their merch stands after to meet with fans, which is always great to see.

All in all a great night of live music, showcasing some great UK Talent that definitely needs a close eye kept on. Don't be surprised if you see WITTERQUICK's name popping up more often in the not to distant future as they certainly have a lot to give!

Photos & Review - Sam Robinson Photography

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