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Forest Fires - 'Old Negatives' EP Review


1. Cliffs Sonnet

2. Jangle

3. Harpy Queen

4. Born Screaming

Released as a stopgap between older recordings and the release of their debut album, Forest Fires seem bright and breezy. Look beneath the surface and hear the social unease that underpin their tunes.

Very much reminiscent of bands like Bloc Party, Biffy Clyro, musically the Aberdeen four piece are not breaking new ground with their music, but hey, not every band has to. So they aren’t doing something brand spanking new? They are however very accomplished at what they do.

Each song on the EP is different to the last, but not jarring with each other. The band seems comfortable with their arrangements, singer Scott’s voice suiting the music perfectly. I very much like the guitar work on these tracks, 'Harpy Queen' is currently a favourite of mine, and reminding me of Muse in places (you’ll know when you hear it!). The closing track 'Born Screaming' is probably their most ambitious on the EP, soaring guitars, pounding drums, what more could you ask for?

As a standalone EP 'Old Negatives' is perfectly serviceable, as a taster of things to come? Well I for one am interested in what comes next. Put Forest Fires on your bands to keep an eye on list.

Review - Andrew Forcer

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