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Ehrnman/Pearson – 'Say Goodbye' Single Review


1. Say Goodbye

2. Juniper Breaks

“Say Goodbye” is a debut single by Kansas City based Folk/Country duo Ehrnman/Pearson, made up of Erik Pearson and Nathaniel Ehrnman, released on Russian Winter Records. Unfortunately the duo disbanded not long after the release of this two track EP, which is a dire shame given its immense quality.

The title track, “Say Goodbye” is a beautifully apathetic break-up song. The simple melodic, acoustic guitar blends wonderfully with catchy lyrics to create a totally unaffectionate, bitter heartbreak track. Ehrman’s divine baritone guitar creates a lovely Country sound, which also makes full use of Erik Pearson’s more traditionalist Country vocals.

The B-Side is “Juniper Breaks”, a gorgeous Country instrumental song. The track uses acoustic guitars to create a warm, inviting bluegrass vibe. This song has an air of escapism to it, and an almost ethereal beauty that doesn’t require lyrics to express itself. This is the highlight of the EP in my opinion, and the track

In conclusion, “Say Goodbye” is an exquisite debut from Ehrnman/Pearson, and one that makes their decision to go their separate ways all the more disappointing. However, based on his simply beautiful vocals and guitar melodies, I for one will look forward to hearing any future releases from Erik Pearson, albeit released under the name Erik-J.

Review - Jamie Forcer

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