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Wolf Girl Release Video For New Single 'Toast For Dinner'

South London Indie Pop band Wolf Girl have announced that their second album ‘Every Now & Then’ will be released via Everything Sucks Music on 19th October.

The announcement comes alongside a new single ‘Toast For Dinner’.

Healey from the band, who is on lead vocals and guitar for this song but also handles bass duties and back-up vocals on various other tracks on the record, says “This song is a tribute to my love of amateur magic, dual guitar riffs and toast. Toast is maybe the greatest food of them all and it is also my go-to if I’m burnt out and can’t find the energy to eat/cook a meal. This song is about a point where I was finding it hard to say no to things and ended up constantly feeling physically and emotionally drained. Sometimes I fantasise about there being multiple versions of myself like in Fantasia’s ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ so I can invest myself fully in everything that I do.”

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