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Raw In Sect - 'Kitro' Album Review


1. Astro

2. Therion

3. Arena

4. Karnavali

5. Kitro

6. Lycanthropy

7. Argonautes3:06

8. Trauma

9. Parapono

10. Phrygia

11. Gramma

12. Fortuna

Before I start I just want to say I’m not a fan of labelling bands. Yes I get why they are put into various genres, but to me it narrows the average listener’s field of music. The reason I mention this is because if I had heard the label put on Raw In Sect I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have given them the unbiased first listen that I did.

I can tell you that 'Kitro', the bands 3rd release is a breath of fresh air. It’s edgy, it’s funky as hell, it has a Latin feel to it. I would go into detail of what they are singing about but I’m afraid I don’t speak Greek, yup, Greek Heavy Metal. Why not, it worked for Rammstien, it worked for Babymetal.

Not that Raw In Sect sounds anything like the aforementioned bands. I am getting hints of System of a Down, Living Colour and Faith No More with a dash of Sound Garden, still that might just be me eh?

The fact that they are not afraid to use more traditional instruments in their songs shows real spirit. What I’m really trying to say (and badly at that) is that don’t pay attention to labels put on bands, listen to everything then make your own judgement. That way you get to hear cool bands like Raw In Sect and just like that a band gains a follower. On the strength of what I have heard from this release I will be delving deeper into this band, they definitely feel like a one to watch, I expect great things from them.

They seem to have less broken the mould but more made their own mould. The songs are fast paced, but melodic, plenty of shredding but with a backbeat that holds everything together. It’s almost party music, granted it would be a fairly lairy party and your aunt wouldn’t be invited, but go with me on this one! They are fun. Watch out for track six “Lycanthropy” as the sudden end is enough to give the listener whiplash.

So what have we learned?

We’ve learned not to be swayed by catagories and labels, we’ve learned that Raw In Sect are pretty darned groovy dudes. Most importantly we’ve learned that 'Kitro' is a belter of an album. I’m giving it five stars as I can’t think of a reason not to!

Review - Andrew Forcer

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