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The Splizzy Gang - 'Fuck And Shout!' Single Review


1. Fuck VLC

2. Shout It

During a year in which I have found exciting bands from Estonia (Dead Furies) and Slovakia (The Gang), Spain seems much more likely a place to find a band to watch. The Splizzy Gang do not disappoint on what looks to be their second single. The band consist of Elisabet Gang on vocals, On Monroe and Carlos Godoy on guitar, Andy De Leo on bass, and Merka Ramone on drums.

‘Fuck VLC’ gets things started quickly with a song that brings Johnny Thunders to mind as a catchy guitar riff propels the verses to a shouty chorus that will have you singing in no time. The band adds some handclaps and a fun guitar solo before a classic bridge and chorus take us past the finish line.

‘Shout It’ finds the band incorporating a different wrinkle, and I am sure AC/DC will be the influence people hear, but my ears also pick up some Jetboy and Rhino Bucket. Yes, I know Rhino Bucket comes from the AC/DC school of Hard Rock, but the guitar tones remind me more of Rhino Bucket, if that makes sense to anyone. Great guitar work by the band here with Elisabet showcasing some quality attitude infused vocals.

I purchased both this single and their previous three song single (‘The Infamous First Scene’) to create a nice little 5 song catalog that plays like a nice EP as I wait to see what comes next from them.

‘Fuck And Shout’ is available on digital platforms now.

Check out the video for 'Fuck VLC'

Review - Gerald Stansbury

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