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Mourning Grey - 'Hollow' Album Review


1. Scarred

2. Falling

3. Lost

4. The War

5. My Demise

6. Up To You

A first release is always something that is met with great trepidation, from fans and the band alike. It’s always that minefield of ‘Is it good enough?’ or ‘Who do they sound like?’, usually before it’s even been listened to.

However, Mourning Grey have released something special. Not only do they release something that stands out from the crowd in new music, but they do it very well and fine tuned.

For me, I like to be able to connect to the songs with the lyrics. This is something I can do very well with 'Hollow', as each and every song has at least one line that people will think ‘I know how that feels’ and the songs will resonate with a lot of people. A lot of the content is based around the trials and tribulations of life, something everyone can relate to, so this makes it much easier for the songs to grip you and keep the lyrics in your head.

For once, I don’t think I can find a stand out track. All 6 on the album are fantastic, and they all deserve full recognition from fans and critics alike. I can see this band going far, and quite probably doing so very quickly.

Review - Vikki Holding

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