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City Of The Weak - 'Pulling Teeth' Album Review


1. Like I Do

2. Trust Nobody

3. Glad You Could Make It

4. Not This Time

5. Censor This

6. Ungrateful

7. Drag Us Under

8. Drop the Anchor

9. Suffer Like Me

10. Pulling Teeth

City Of The Weak are back with sassy attitude!

Starting hard with “Like I Do” - a track with gives you an insight of what to to expect from new album “Pulling Teeth”. It’s smooth vocals matched with a catchy chorus is wonderful. Onto “Trust Nobody” this brings a heavier and more grown up side to City Of The Weak - this track is ready to be released of as a single, it has more meat to the bones than the bands previous work.

Swinging into “Glad You Could Make It” & “Not This Time” both tracks slightly gentle with a pinch of sass for extra spice. Lyrics from both these songs come from the heart with a I don’t care attitude. Next up is lead single “Censor This” - this has all the tricks in the book to make the track sound main stream and even with a couple of heys in for good measure. This takes away from talent City Of The Weak and makes the song sound cheap.

A change in tune with “Ungrateful” - this is an almost striped back version of the band. This also showcases the outstanding voice of lead vocalist Stef. “Drag Us Under” is the fight of not getting beaten down by others around you, proving you can be stronger then you know! Riffs go flying while lyrics hits you in the heart.

Coming towards the end of “Pulling Teeth” - we start to close the album with “Drop The Anchor” & “Suffer Like Me” both starting with a techno vibe - something fresh towards the end is always nice. We roll back the lyrics to a don’t care attitude - “Pulling Teeth” is an album which echos the voice to move on and do what you feel is right. An album which carries much wisdom.

Final track “Pulling Teeth” sticks with the techno vibe - an all instrumental track which is a smooth end to the album.

Review - Jake Williams

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