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Steal The City - 'The Time We Needed' EP Review


1. Manufactured 2. Wallflower 3. Simon Says 4. So, The Thing is… 5. Intoxicated 6. Beating Heart

An EP, after all the dense complexity of heavy prog themes and hard interwoven musical threads therein of my last few album reviews, this EP comes from Steal The City an "Alternative Punk/Nu Metal" band. Not 100% sure I'd classify them that way, that was written in the press release, but that could just be because I've always been put off by the idea I have of the Nu-Metal genre, despite liking a few bands that emerged from that scene.

Anyway, genre definitions, which mean very little outside of a very organised music shop, or music journalism (What is it I'm doing here?) aside, what have we got here?

Well, while the band remind me vaguely of a few different bands (I can't name the bands they call to mind because my brain isn't playing that game today), they do very much have their own sound. Apparently, these guys are packing out venues all over the place, which comes as no surprise, there are hooks aplenty, satisfying riffs and singalong chorus moments scattered throughout the EP. I myself can definitely get on-board with anthems to drinking like "Intoxicated" (but let's leave my drinking out of this review from here on).

Throughout this EP the band have written about subjects that I expect would feel familiar to many, coupling such connective themes as rebellion, break-ups and self-destruction, with riffs, hooks and moments to sing along to that definitely would bring a crowd together the band have crafted a fine EP to introduce their sound to new listeners and to give the fan-base they already have something to listen to at their leisure.

"The Time We Needed" combines punky riffing, vocal harmonies, and a strong, heavy rhythmic backbone. Steal The City are not aiming at a niche market, the sound they have honed is one many Rock fans will be happy to listen to. There may be no weird twisting time signatures, jazz chord progressions or superfast lead playing here, but the rhythms here are solid, the chord progressions are never dull and the lead guitar work is certainly effective, the band are definitely one to watch as I expect they will have a broad appeal.

Review - Mike McLaughlin

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