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Dirty Sister - 'Middle Class Busker' Single Review

You know, when it comes to joining in things I’ve always tried to follow old Groucho’s philosophy but even I have bowed to social media. So it is that every time I get a new follower (I’ve checked and I’m not allowed to call them disciples) I have slightly mixed feelings. My latest follower - I say “latest”...I probably have more chins than followers - goes by the excellent name of Dirty Sister. Even better, I’ve always wanted to learn Russian! Luckily (for my credit card) Dirty Sister are Tom and Lorenzo, a duo from London who employ guitars, loops, synths, pads and the occasional bouzouki in their music.

Their latest single is “Middle Class Busker” a brilliant tale of a white collar worker who dreams of making it in the music industry, hoping his working class swagger outweighs his tenuous grip on reality. It’s catchy, it’s funny and it’s very, very good. Most importantly, despite being funny, it’s not a novelty record. “Vindaloo” was a novelty record, “Mr. Blobby” was a novelty record, this is something completely different. In the same way Les Dawson needed to be a brilliant pianist in order to deliberately sound so bad, writing a song like “Middle Class Busker” takes, perhaps, more talent than it takes to write most songs...having done a bit of writing in the past, I know how much time and effort goes into crafting something funny; couple that with making it fit a tune and you’re talking proper talent.

Dirty Sister are a breath of fresh air and well worth checking out on YouTube and via their website...just be careful putting it through Google or you may find yourself saying длинный номер на моей кредитной карте.

Review - Chris Watson

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