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With Confidence Announce New Album + Release Video For New Single 'That Something'

With Confidence have announced details of their forthcoming new album ‘Love And Loathing’, which will be released August 10th via Hopeless Records. The colourful music video for catchy new single ‘That Something’ is out now on the Hopeless Records.

With Confidence called on veteran producer Mike Green (All Time Low, Paramore) to help them create ‘Love And Loathing’. An album filled with soaring melodies and emotive lyrics, ‘Love And Loathing’ carries you through first loves, blistering breakups and everything in-between. According to bassist and vocalist Jayden Seeley, the final themes weren’t clear until they had finished most of the songs. “There's a looming relationship with loathing, mostly about the concept of self-loathing,” explains Seeley. “That period before getting into a relationship is very introspective—you’re trying to be a better person, but a lot of how that happens is because people are really hard on [themselves]. That ties back to love just as strongly, because in the relationship, you want to keep being better. In every way.”

Tracklist: 1. That Something 2. Sing To Me 3. Moving Boxes 4. The Turnaround 5. Jaded 6. Better 7. Spinning 8. Bruise 9. Pâquerette (Without Me) 10. Icarus 11. Dopamine 12. Tails

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