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Electric Street Queens ‘Hot Cream/ Checked Out’ Single Review


1. Hot Cream

2. Checked Out

The Electric Street Queens entered my world last year with their ‘Queensized’ album offering an uplifting blast of Punk n' Roll that was lifted off the pages of the old Flipside and their RAFR tag.

This is their second single since the release of that last full length album and shows a band becoming stronger.

‘Hot Cream’ hits at a midtempo pace, and one of the first things that jumped out at me is the development of Coco A-Go-Go’s vocals. With plenty of space available in the mix here, she carries the song on her vocals in a way she has not previously done. She sings in a seductive voice while showing restraint to pick her moments to let loose. As the song lets loose the Rock, it becomes all the more powerful because of their patience, especially Sam Maulagain (bass) and Reba McEntire (drums) in allowing the moment to build before its climax… ‘Checked Out’ showcases the shambolic Punk n' Roll I expected but again CoCo’s vocal’s are done perfectly here with a mix of singing and teetering on that verge of losing total control in the moment. Bobby Abraham’s riff providing its own hook throughout the song.

This is a great place to start with the band as they are developing rapidly.

Gerald Stansbury

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