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The Nectars - 'Sci-Fi Television' Album Review


1. Holy

2. Heaven

3. Cemetery Girl

4. We Will Run

5. I Want It

6. Don't Panic

7. Lights Off

8. Tame

9. Tired

May 25th sees the release of The Nectars’ debut album “Sci-Fi Television”. Hailing from New Jersey, and consisting of Jon Paul (Bass/Vocals), Mike Montalbano (Drums), Michael Baron (Guitar) and singer Jessica Kenny. The band have only been together since 2016 and have been gathering praise (and label attention) ever since.

Listen to the album and this will come as no surprise, as it’s full of attitude guitars and spiky lyrics and even though it’s only short (some 24 minutes) it definitely leaves an impression on you – something many bands can’t manage with their second or third album, never mind their debut. And if that wasn’t enough for the discerning listener, there are 3 pure out and out belters nestling in there – “Heaven”, “Cemetary Girl” and “We Will Run” which would (in an imaginary line up in front of radio bosses) be jumping up and down shouting “Me! Me! Pick me!” and said imaginary radio boss would be a fool not to do so…assuming there’s a suitable radio edit of “Heaven”. It’s all good then? Right, well done Watson you’ve told us what you think and in double quick time too – a mercy for us all!

Well…(oh no, I typed too soon…he’s going to go off on one) it is good and they are clearly destined to make it but, for me, there’s a slight problem. They’ve obviously been influenced by the likes of No Doubt and whilst that’s not necessarily a bad thing, at times that influence seems a bit overdone. Several times during listening to this I have written the phrase “It’s like a cover band has grown balls and decided to try out it’s own material”…I swear at times I thought it was Gwen Stefani singing instead of Jessica Kenny.

So when it comes to summing up I’m kind of torn…there’s clearly talent there – you don’t write these kind of songs with out it, but at the moment there’s not enough of their own identity in there to make me gush and insist you head to your local record sellers and thrust your chosen method of payment at them. I will, however, tell you to check out debut single “Heaven” on YouTube and see what you think…you will be impressed but you will also see (hear?) what I mean and then it’s up to you to decide if I’m right.

Review - Chris Watson

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