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Farewell To Fear - 'Voices' Album Review


1. Voices

2. Wake Me Up

3. Let Go

4. Misery

5. Your Cure

6. Waiting For Sunrise

7. Broken Wings

8. Underneath My Skin

10. Dead Generation

11. Take Me Home

Farewell To Fear rock out with high octane unbridled passion on their new album ‘Voices’ which is out now on Pavement Entertainment. Think Pearl Jam, Linkin Park, Faith No More and maybe that will give you some idea of what Farewell To Fear are all about. They have tsunami sized riffs, music that would make the hell bound happy and vocals that have power and passion enough to make the most callous people change their ways. The band are drawn from Florida, Nebraska and Louisiana. The mighty four are; Lead Singer Mike Craig, Tony "Mojo" Lucero on guitar, keyboards and vocals, super sticks man Jimmy Adams and Jeremy Stevens on bass guitar.

The title track “Voices” kicks this bone crunching set of solid rock off with an almost menacing undercurrent, topped off with a soaring, yearning vocal which suggests mental anguish. “Wake Me Up” would do exactly that if played at full volume next to your sleeping body, in fact it has the force to wake the dead. One of the lines in “Broken Wings” is ‘I’ll never stop, I’ll never slow down’ and from the evidence on this record then Farewell To Fear do not slow down for a moment.

The production from Damien Starkey is clear and classy and he seems to have captured everything that is great about this band. Damien has previously worked with Puddle Of Mudd among others. The guitar solo on “Misery” has a bit of a Slash period Guns ‘N’ Roses feel to it. Current single “Underneath My Skin” is an anthemic Hard Rock tune that may be about obsession.

After playing the album end to end three times in a row I really believe it works so much better at full volume. Especially my current favourite song, “Your Cure”, the counter vocals between Mike Craig and Tony "Mojo" Lucero are formed from the shifting of tectonic plates, the riffs here could split Mount Everest in two and the rhythm section have the strength and precision to close a black hole. If I imagine being a young man again I can hear “Dead Generation” speaking directly to me, just me, and no one else. I know that I said that Farewell To Fear never slow down, but the last track on the album, “Take Me Home” showcases their ability to play a beautifully melodic and largely acoustic song. It is a heart breaking, gut wrenching tale of loss. Lyrically this is possibly the finest of some stunning songs in this collection.

This is an incredible album which deserves to push this band into the big time.

Review - Bill Adamson

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