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NORMANDIE – 'Inguz (Gold Edition)' Album Review


1 Fight

2. Awakening

3. Collide

4. Believe

5. Loop Hole

6. The Deep Cold

8. Starting New

9. The Storm

10. Epilogue

11. Pay For This

12. Ghost

13. Believe (Alternative Version)

14. Collide (Acoustic Version At Soundtrade Studios)

15. Awakening (Live At Soundtrade Studios)

16. Ghost (Live At Soundtrade Studios)

NORMANDIE’s 2016 album 'Inguz' has been re-released through Easy Life Records with the addition of new songs, live performances and new stripped-back versions of tracks from the powerful original album.

The word ‘Inguz’ is a rune translating to ‘seed’, that represents gestation and internal growth so it’s fitting that NORMANDIE should develop this album with added extras.

New tracks 'Pay for This' and 'Ghost' were originally released as individual singles in 2017. They follow the style of the original album tracks with heavy breakdowns complemented by electronic elements and the occasional glitchy vocal line.

The alternative version of 'Believe' and acoustic version of 'Collide' offer a new intimacy to the tracks as a stark difference to previous tracks, ironically just after 'Ghost' which has the main line “I’ve just got to sing louder.” Lead vocalist Philip Strand has a vulnerable but versatile style that translates well to being accompanied by a piano in 'Collide'.

The full-band live tracks, 'Awakening' and 'Ghost', recorded at Soundtrade studios in Stockholm, takes on the difficult challenge of implementing their ‘Rock plus electronics’ sound in live performances. Both tracks sound just as powerful as they do on the album, which will surely encourage fans to come and see them in person. Keep an eye out for their next tour!

Soon after the release of 'Inguz (Gold Edition)', NORMANDIE promised that their next album would be released this year. Hopefully we’ll get some more details on this next project soon!

Review - Aaron Watts

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