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Matt Watson - 'Broken Lock' EP Review


1. Broken Lock

2. Memories Of Ghosts

3. The Silence & The Noise (Remix)

I’ve been a fan of Matt since MySpace (I’m showing my age now), the first thing I bought of his was 'A New Life' EP which he did entirely DIY. After two superb albums released through Pledge he was feeling disenchanted with the process. So for his new EP he has gone back to basics. The physical release is very limited to 30 CDs all printed by Matt (Lino printing for those interested).

The first track 'Broken Lock' is a duet with fellow Norfolk singer Yves Mary B and is a stomper of a countrified song. It’s a full band affair which really shows off Matt at his very best. It seems a natural progression from 'The Endless Shipwreck' album, but a progression it really is. It amazes me with every new release just how much he comes on as a songwriter and performer. Yves' voice is a perfect accompaniment on this song, some wonderful guitar work on it too. My foots a stomping from the opening bars of this glorious song.

'Memories Of Ghosts' follows on, a more stripped down affair but none the worse for it. Matt has a knack of knowing what a song needs. This is simply Matt and a guitar. I must admit that he sent me demos of some of his new songs so I already know this one very well. It sits well with everything he has recorded. It’s gentle, fragile, catchy. It’s over too soon!

'The Silence & The Noise (Remix)' is once again a totally different beast, it has a more electric synthesised feel to it. Matt was worried that this was a bit too different from his usual stuff but I love it. The vocals are layered and build as the song continues.

The thing that binds all these songs together is Matt’s songwriting and how he finds such catchy melodies. The limited run of CDs may have already been sold but like Matt Watsons other work it’s available on his bandcamp page, while you’re there you might want to check out his two albums.

Review - Andrew Forcer

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