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SEASONS - 'Chapters' EP Review


1. Getaway

2. One Last Night

3. Chapters

4. Feel Alive

5. Consequences

SEASONS unleash their third EP ‘Chapters’ presenting a polished, mature sound – proving again that they’ve got huge success ahead of them. ‘Chapters’ shows SEASONS are ready to be the next great Rock band to come out of the Bedford area, following in Don Broco’s footsteps.

The last 2 years have been busy for SEASONS, releasing their eponymous debut EP and follow up ‘What Goes Around’ that are great in their own right. ‘Chapters’ is a new beast in itself. Building on the sound they’ve created through their first releases, SEASONS have really stepped up and found their own distinct sound that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Kicking off with some catchy gang vocals, ‘Getaway’ sets the trend with slick riffs and powerful vocals. The energy doesn’t let up as ‘One Last Night’ offers another anthem that sounds perfect for festival season, whilst title track ‘Chapters’ works as a real statement of intent of the band’s confidence.

My own favourite, ‘Feel Alive’ features the most personal lyrics of the EP and will surely be a crowd favourite at their live shows. Followed by harmony-filled closer ‘Consequences’, the two final tracks show off their ability to experiment dynamically. Moving between intimate verses and hard-hitting choruses works perfectly.

The only downside to this EP is that it could be longer. Flying through 5 tracks in less than 16 minutes means that when it ends, I’m left wanting to hear more. It surely won’t take long for people to start calling for a full-length album. This new chapter in SEASONS’ career really is exciting.

SEASONS are playing an EP Launch Show at The Camden Assembly, London on Saturday 28th April. Tickets can be purchased here:

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Review - Aaron Watts

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