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The Amorettes - 'Born To Break' Album Review


1. Can You Feel The Fire

2. Hello And Goodbye

3. Everything I Learned I Learned From Rock And Roll

4. Born To Break

5. What Ever Gets You Through The Night

6. Hell Or High Water

7. You Still Got Rock And Roll

8. Easy Tiger

9. Bat Shit Crazy

10. Coming Up The Middle

11. High On Your Energy

12. I Want It Bad

The Amorettes released 'Born To Break' on April 6th on the SPV/Steamhammer Label. This is the fourth album from the already established Scottish Rock trio, and follows on from 'White Hot Heat' which was released in 2016. As you can imagine the rhythm section of the band are tight as it comprises of sisters, Hannah McKay on drums and Heather McKay on Bass. The vocals and guitars are provided by Gill Montgomery. This band delivers high energy, kick ass Rock and comparisons have been made with Girlschool, who famously collaborated with Motorhead. If Motorhead were still here then there is one thing for certain, The Amorettes could mix it with them, with ease.

The album opens with 'Can You Feel The Fire'. This is a great opener with clunky Blues guitar riffs and starts the album off with a blistering pace. It is classic Hard Rock with catchy lyrics. The album slows down the tempo with 'Hello and Goodbye'. It begins with some simple guitar and really good use of the cymbals. It has a funky groove to it, full of melodies. The groove and catchy lyrics ensure that this is one of those songs that will get into your head and refuse to leave. Beware though this is not the only infectious track on the album, in fact it is laden with them!

As if to prove this point, 'Everything I Learned I Learned from Rock 'n' Roll', which was released as a single and voted Classic Rock's track of the week for the last week of March, is a real stand out track. It is a fun catchy Rock song, celebrating those that inspired the band. The Chorus references The Sex Pistols, Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Also referenced are Joan Jett and Dee Dee Ramone amongst others. The guitar solo is really good, and the band all end the song with the title, in an anthemic battlecry.

'Born To Break', the title track is one of the most catchy numbers on the album, and again will be stuck in your head for days. The intro is a pounding drum which is joined with the guitar before Gill starts with a simple shout of 'Hey', like many a Rock song has started before. This track has a heavy groove, and is a stomper with a catchy chorus. The guitar solo has strong riffing up the fretboard.

'What Ever Gets You Through The Night', has a riff throughout that reminded me of Slash's most famous riff from 'Sweet Child O' Mine'. The tightness of the Mckay sisters on Drums and Bass is really evident in this track as they power through the number. The vocal delivery is powerful and the guitar riffs are sublime. 'What Ever Gets You Through The Night' warms you up for some real rocking in the next two tracks.

As a Rock song, 'Hell Or High Water', is up there with the best of them. This track demonstrates that The Amorettes, are an established Rock band that are comfortable with what they are doing. The reverb is used well, it has catchy hooks and lyrics and the guitar solo has dancing fingers on the fretboard. Fittingly, 'You Still Got Rock And Roll', is a pure celebration of classic Rock. It has screaming guitars driving Bass and Drums and one of the best guitar solos on the album.

Just to show that The Amorettes are not taking themselves too seriously they have fun with the next couple of songs starting with Easy Tiger. The lyrics reminded me of Joan Jett, and the use of the snare and hand claps add to the fun. The lyrics are fun too with lines such as 'No backing down, you're an eager beaver'. There is a really cool reverb at the end which if you are listening to with cans goes from one ear to the other. I loved this track. This shows that they are in control. Not that I would like to insinuate that they are 'Bat Shit Crazy', however, 'Bat Shit Crazy', follows and what rhymes with the title, the brilliant line 'Hey gotta dance like Patrick Swayze' of course. I do not know how many songs reference Patrick Swayze, but this must be one of the better ones. The solo alone with fingertips racing up and down the fretboard at a rate of knots, is guaranteed to drive the crowd 'Bat Shit Crazy'.

After this light interlude where The Amorettes show their fun side we are back to classic 70's style Rock with 'Coming Up The Middle'. The strutting guitar compliments the bass and drums which are working in perfect harmony. Another reference to previous Rock Gods is in the lyric 'I got my Whisky, I got my Wine, Got The Best or Motorhead'. I think Lemmy and the boys would have approved of this one. The backing vocals complete this track.

The penultimate track, 'High On Your Energy', as the title suggests is a blistering high energy number. The drums start the song and combine with the bass to get your foot tapping straight away. The guitars and vocals get your head swaying. Which leads you into the closing track of the album. 'I Want It Bad', which slows the whole thing down. The tribal drum and reverb give it an atmospheric 'Native American' feel. 'I want it, I want it, I want it bad' is a chant. This is a simpler song but the whole band contribute to a haunting beautiful sound which is a great conclusion to the album. This should be listened to on headphones.

The Amorettes have produced probably their best work yet with 'Born To Break'. Differing styles, lots of references to those that have influenced them, and some blistering guitar solos make this a complete Rock album. It is not a grower, it kicks you right in the ear canals and head straight away, and will probably be one of the best classic Rock albums of the year. The trio from Scotland have arrived and are here to stay. The Kings of Rock may be dead so, Long Live The Queens!

Review - Tony Creek

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