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Eureka Machines - 'Victories' Album Review


1. Little Victories

2. Hey Ho John Doe

3. Revolution

4. Dancing In The Dark

5. Misery

6. House Of Butterflies

7. Animal

8. I'll Call You

9. A Certain Symmetry

10. The Next Line

11. My Rock And Roll Is Dead

12. It's Gonna Be Alright

There is an air of expectations around the release of a new Eureka Machines these days. Their pledge campaign shows other bands how it should be done. That said this time was quite a stripped back affair, even so the benefits where worth it.

It’s hard to think that Chris and the guys consider were calling it a day a few years back, I’m glad they didn’t! 'Little Victories', the opening track is classic Eureka Machines, it immediately puts your mind at rest that the album is going to be a good one.

'Hey Ho John Doe' is a hell of a catchy tune, reminds me of 'Kids In America' (although it sounds nothing like it). Clever lyrics over a driving beat with glorious guitars, what’s not to like. I can picture the crowd shouting “Hey Ho John Doe” back at the band at their live shows.

'Revolution' is Eureka Machines at their best, it’s a bit different but classic at the same time, another one I can see becoming a live favourite. That’s the strength this band has, you can listen to any of their albums and pick out the ones to be played live and become classics from first listen. There is also enough to keep the listener coming back for more.

Chris’s song writing seems to have progressed, maybe his solo effort 'Life is Often Brilliant' has given him a bit more self confidence. Indeed the Eureka sound as a whole has matured although I will never accuse them of growing up! Their sound seems more complex, the band seem more urgent. The album as a whole seems more “live”.

'House Of Butterflies' is a very clear example of their new found maturity, It’s all kinds of awesome.

'I’ll Call You' could be the next Bond theme! Each track on the album is a classic in the making but the moment for me when Eureka Machines kick it to the next level is “My Rock And Roll Is Dead”. It brings you to your knees. I admit I cried the first time I heard it! Clearly about Richey from Manic Street Preachers. It’s heartbreaking quite frankly; Chris seems to have this ablilty to hit a nerve. He certainly has with me.

Unable to leave their fans on such an emotional song the band end the perfect album with the perfect song “It’s Gonna Be Alright”. It will be you know!

I will leave this review with Chris’s words: “It’s gonna be alright, It’s gonna be okay, we won’t win every night, but won’t lose every day.

Review - Andrew Forcer

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