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Crossing The Limits - 'Perseverance' EP Review


1. Won’t Settle

2. Predictable

3. Reverse

4. Chaos

5. My Own Way

Say what you like about Avril Lavigne, despite her penchant for gentlemen whose preferred method of travel is a wooden plank, she can bang out a tune.

Now, why am I going on about the diminutive Canadian starlet when I should be telling you about Norwich Pop Punks Crossing The Limits and their self released debut EP “Perseverance” out on April 6th?

Well, reason for my deviation from the task in hand is that it very much reminds me of our Avril (see, there is a link…I know it doesn’t seem like it most of the time, but I know what I’m doing). So then Watson, are we going to get a diatribe about shameless rip offs?? No, you’re not because although this EP puts me in mind of Ms. Lavigne, it’s purely because the band have captured that kind of sound but very much done their own thing with it.

“Perseverance” consists of 5 tracks, including previous single “Won’t Settle”, with the pick of them being “Predictable”, “My Own Way” and “Won’t Settle” all of which are single ready. 3 out of 5…that’s pretty good, and when you consider the fact that they were written in 4 months, it’s even more impressive.

The songs are upbeat, punchy and feel good but there’s enough below the surface to make you realise this isn’t just throwaway pseudo Pop Punk. Smart lyrics, great guitars and drums combine to make this an accomplished debut, which holds great promise for future offerings from the band.

Review - Chris Watson

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