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We Are Scientists Release Video For New Single 'Your Light Has Changed'

We Are Scientists, the Brooklyn, New York-based Indie Rock outfit are set to return with their sixth album, 'Megaplex' which will be released on April 27th via 100% Records. Having released first single “One In, One Out” in February, Keith Murray (guitar/vocals) and Chris Cain (bass), now follow that colorful, bubbly Electro-Pop number with “Your Light Has Changed,” a decidedly more thunderous Rock tune. “There’s something about a sick, lumbering guitar riff and a Neanderthal drumbeat that’s undeniable to us,” explains Chris. “‘Your Light Has Changed’ was the first song from Megaplex that we’d introduced into our live set. It’s fortunate that it’s being released as a single, because we’d definitely want to play it every night, regardless.”

The video sees the dissemination of a mysterious samizdat, distributed apparently at random and to transformative effect for its unsuspecting viewers. “I mean, the ideal outcome for any music video is that it gains mass viewership and has a profound impact on the people who see it, right?” asks Keith. “Personally, I consider this video to be downright aspirational.” “If there were a malicious epidemic that would nevertheless truly benefit humankind, this would be it,” agrees Chris. “The world of music marketing is awash in breathless, overblown verbiage,” says Keith. “We figured that at long as people are going to keep describing our music as 'infectious,' we might as well give them a literal justification for that usage, with the video.”

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