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Press To MECO - 'Here's To The Fatigue' Album Review


1. Intro 2. Familiar Ground 3. Here’s To The Fatigue 4. If All Your Parts Don’t Make A Whole 5. Skip The Crawl 6. A Place In It All 7. Howl 8. A Quick Fix 9. Itchy Fingers 10. The Things That We Don’t Talk About 11. White Knuckling

It’s been a long time waiting for album number two from Press to MECO after the big news of being signed to Marshall Records. The record was delayed and is now set for release on the 30th March!

After “Good Intent” gave the band the huge boost they needed, giving endless amount of opportunities. Press to MECO have only just completed a hand full of dates with the mighty Don Broco and are now ready to inject your ears with music of the highest order.

Welcome to Press to MECO in 2018. “Intro” is the spot on start to the new album, we beat into “Familiar Ground” a track which eases you into the outstanding break down towards the tail end. A great example of what to expect from the album. “Here’s To The Fatigue” brings up us to date with new moulded Press to MECO - it’s fast, busy and Metal sounding at times, it makes you want to jump and run around all over the place. This is one of the strongest album starts ever!!!

We swing back into the older sound of PTM. It sounds like an remastered vision of a song that you’ve never heard before. The harmonies are what Press to MECO have become known for over the last few years and they are now even better then I could ever imagined, they sit proud in song “If All Your Parts Don’t Make A Whole”.

Ready to be hit in the face? Then listen to “Skip The Crawl” - it’s hard hitting drums and heavy bass lines, show yet another side of talented the three piece. This track bleeds energy throughout which in turn keeps the album exciting and wanting more then just 11 songs.

“A Place In It All” feels like you’ve just walked into another room to see a completely different band and that’s not a bad thing. It showcases again how multi-talented Press to MECO are and how they can turn any sounds into their own.

Back to heavy and when I say heavy not like “Good Intent” heavy, I mean close to Post-Hardcore heavy. You’ve got to listen to “Howl”, “A Quick Fix” and “Itchy Fingers” as soon as you get your hands on “Here’s To The Fatigue”. By listening to these three tracks in a row it’s clear Press to MECO have created an album not for the industry, not even for their fans but for themselves.

Time for a song which has a balance of the old and new, “The Things That We Don’t Talk About”. It’s catchy riff matched with the trademark Press to MECO harmonies is a prefect example of the fresh feeling which is created by “Here’s To The Fatigue”.

We tidy up the Post-Hardcore from earlier with “White Knuckling”. A track which is slow and peaceful but explodes in excitement throughout.

Press to MECO are back with the intention of surprising us all over again.

Review - Jake Williams

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