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Jake Bugg - Albert Hall, Manchester 04.03.2018

One of the only things capable of coaxing people outside on a freezing, wet night in March was the lure of a solo Acoustic show by Jake Bugg. Set inside the intimate grandeur of Manchester's lovingly restored Albert Hall, the show had sold out, for good reason.

Georgie opened the show and despite contending with a noisy and at some points, apparently disinterested audience she filled the room with hauntingly, heartfelt vocals. Her signature relatable lyrics, beautifully complemented by stripped back guitar, perfectly set the tone for the main event.

Jake Bugg kicked off his set to a new found enthusiasm from the audience, launching straight into 'How Soon The Dawn', the opening track from his latest album 'Hearts That Strain'.

It's a difficult thing to muster the presence to fill such a large stage, alone and perched on a chair but Bugg rose to the occasion. Mixing new with old and speaking rarely, Jake Bugg put on a stunner of a show to riotous response from the audience, who were in no way subdued by the show's acoustic framing.

Playing straight through, with no encore, Bugg truly gave the fans their moneys worth. Finishing on 'Lightening Bolt' the atmosphere was electric and the audience filtered out into the night having got what they came for: an intimate yet powerful performance from one of the best singer-song writers the UK currently has to offer.

Photos - Digital Bath

Words - Laura Mae

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