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Sun Arcana - 'As I Take A Breath…' EP Review


1. Fracture

2. Oxygen

3. Everybody

4. When I Turn Cold

5. Wonderful

6. Oblique

9th March sees Essex band Sun Arcana release their debut EP “As I Take A Breath…” on Easy Life Records.

Fresh from supporting The Xcerts and due to play Download this Summer, the band have garnered plaudits from the likes of Kerrang Radio and 6Music and so we must ask ourselves if this EP is indeed the “grand entrance” the blurb proclaims. Well yes and no.

The EP opens with new release “Fracture” which is very rocky in a Muse meets Foo Fighters type of way. Highlight for me is “Everybody” which slows things down and allows front man Tom to demonstrate what is a great voice…the song builds but doesn’t morph into big and loud and credit to them for keeping it mellow and resisting the urge.

In total, the EP consists of 6 tracks, 3 of which (“Wonderful”, “Oxygen” and “Everybody”) have been previously released as well as latest video/single “Fracture” and “When I Turn Cold” and “Oblique”. Guitarist Harry describes these as full length versions of previously released tracks, as well as the odd bonus track which wouldn’t have been released as a single…not the hardest of sales pitches and part of the issue with the EP.

Now I’m no band member or musician (in fact I’m less musical than Beethoven’s bidet) so who am I to judge but if I was releasing my debut EP it would be all new tracks and each one capable of being a single. The fact that there’s fuller versions of previous tracks points (possibly) to a little lack of confidence in the new material…like the older songs are there for moral support.

Overall, there’s little to dislike about the EP, it’s good, but to deliver on this early promise, they need the next EP to be all new, crafted and honed songs and then the support (moral or otherwise) will come from us listeners.

Review - Chris Watson

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