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Interview With 'Crypitus'

Firstly, introduce yourselves and tell us a little bit about the band and how you came to be?

Pete: I'm Pete Snee. I play guitar in Crypitus. Doug and I used to be roommates and ended up jamming to some of his songs he had written with his old drummer. We decided we could stand playing with each other and started seeking a drummer. Zach showed up on Facebook and we tried it out and stuck with it.

Joe: I'm Joe and I play bass. I joined after a friend introduced me to the band.

Zach: Hi I'm Zach. I hit things with sticks. I managed to become part of Crypitus by desperately searching the internet for musicians to jam with and Pete was the first one to respond with Doug in tow.

Doug: I’m the guitarist vocalist dude of Crypitus. I had the songs, I have the name, I had the vision. I just did not have the version. Me Pete and Zach teamed up and had the perfect chemistry!

What were you all up too prior to the band, was this always the chosen path or did you have other dreams and aspirations?

Pete: I was resigned to just playing guitar in my room. I always wanted to be in a band but it never really worked out.

Joe: I wasn't doing much at all.

Zach: I was doing a lot of drugs, but music and fishing have always been my top priorities.

Doug: If music wasn’t going to satisfy my cravings then I would take to the woods and live life of the grid.

Tell us about your latest release and why our readers should check it out.

Pete: We have a demo available at and a new single coming out soon!

Joe: We have a demo out right now and it's cool.

Zach: We got our demo out, as you all know but we got a wayyyy sicker single coming out very soon.

Doug: Stay tuned for the new single titled “Danger” coming to soon!

Have you ever come face to face with someone within the music scene who has left you awestruck and why?

Pete: I got to be within 20 feet of Plini so that was pretty cool.

Joe: Not really.

Zach: Just Between the Buried and Me. They always leave me in awe.

Doug: I’ve seen so many amazing musicians in our New England scene it’s incredible.

If we were to head out to one of your live shows what can ourselves and others expect?

Pete: High energy and lots of headbanging and moshing.

Joe: Moshing, headbanging, super cool music.

Doug: High energy, beer sweats and fast paced riffs.

If you had one artist/band that you could go on tour with tomorrow who would it be and why?

Pete: Between the Buried and Me. I'd love to see them live every night and learning techniques from them would be incomparable.

Joe: Animals as leaders are cool.

Zach: Between the Buried and Me. Cause they are my heroes.

Doug: Hitting the road with Municipal Waste, see you after the beer coma!

You can spend an hour with a musical icon living or dead, who would you pick, why and what would you speak about?

Pete: Frank Zappa. He changed the way I looked at music and I'd love to know his thoughts on life.

Joe: Not sure, too many I like.

Zach: I'd spend an hour with Mike Jusczyk. I'd do anything to talk to him again.

Doug: Chuck Schuldiner from Death would have been a great person to talk to.

And finally and most importantly is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

Pete: Die Hard is.

Doug: It’s about Krampus.

Zach: Pretty sure it's actually a porno.

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