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Shot Of Hornets - 'Kicking And Screaming' Single Review

Shot of Hornets are releasing their new single “Kicking And Screaming” and it’s happenstance that they, like my previous review, are partial to a little Math Rock. They say you learn something new everyday and, in the last week I’ve not only learned what Math Rock is…I’ve also discovered I quite like it!

“Kicking And Screaming” weighs in at around 4 minutes and has that rare quality of making you think “4 minutes…nah that couldn’t have been 4 minutes” – it’s a song of 2 (slightly unequal) parts…the first part is all glorious guitars, drums and a soaring chorus that you need to sing along with (well, it’d be rude not to!) It also has that magical element that I love…it reminds you of something without being a carbon copy. It evokes memories of people like Sum 41, Blink 182 and someone else who I can’t quite pin down but it will come to me (expect a ‘phone call in the early hours!) while retaining it’s own identity which is something I often bemoan when other bands cant achieve it.

And then…at 2:52-ish the song transmogrifies into…wait for it…a bit of an Indie anthem vibe. It’s odd and should be jarring but (like those amazing products from Reeves and Mortimer) I don’t know how it works – but it does!

On the strength of this, there’s a lot more to come from Shot of Hornets. My advice? Get in early and enjoy the ride – I’ll save you a seat.

Review - Chris Watson

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