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Måntra Reveal New Single 'Individual'

London’s Måntra have unveiled new single 'Individual'. Produced by Tom Dalgety (Pixies, Royal Blood, Ghost), the track showcases emotive lyrics combined with haunting melodies, crisp, distorted guitars and thundering drums.

“We thought we’d follow up our dreamy ambient electronic EP ‘Sleep’ with the most aggressive song we’ve done yet. I like the naivety of the lyrics and Tom Dalgety’s wizardly production skills” - Simon Stark, vocals & guitars

A clear generation gap exists in 2018. Aside from living in one of the most increasingly polarised times – with the resurgence of the far-right in the west, Dickensian levels of inequality and daily deceit delivered by the mass media; there is a whole generation who have slowly slipped into an ether of apathy. Modern Pop and Rock music now reflects this new paradigm; devoid of any substantive message, or meaning.

West London Rock band Måntra would rather stand up and deliver music with a message for the left-behinds and the disenfranchised. “It started at university”, explains frontman/guitarist and the band’s principal songwriter Simon Stark. “I felt so removed from everything socially and emotionally. I just didn’t want to be there, it was numbing for me. Music was the only thing that actually meant something”.

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