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Carrier - 'Wither' EP Review


1. Flowers & Thorns

2. Ghosts

3. Grieve

4. Augus

5. 10:15

Welcome to Carrier, a band who have only been around since March 2017. They have managed to produced an outstanding EP called “Wither”, which is out on 23rd February.

Kicking off with “Flowers & Thorns” a song with Hardcore at the centre - you can feel the emotion seeping through in the lyrics, the pause before the breakdown is perfect and the piano piece layered into the background is the cherry on top of the cake. Next up “Ghosts” and what an slap in the face from the off - it sounds like there is nothing left of the drum kit by the end of it - we come to our first slow segment of “Wither” but not for long because the drums are taking another battering paired with those rough vocals.

Now time for the lead single “Grieve” - the debut single release is a song written about death, expressing the feelings they individually went through when they lost a friend. The track is a reflection of the anger they felt, it’s painful and they wanted to give an opportunity to be angry with death as a concept and to be angry with the world for taking people too soon. This track has heavy passion filled lyrics such as “I scream these words till my lungs collapse, you will never be forgotten”. It’s fast tempo makes it the prefect song to announce Carrier into the world.

Bringing us to the soft side of the four piece from Plymouth - I present to you “August” - many heavy bands have tried to bring in more emotional without angry in recent years and Carrier have created just that. Just one minute and thirty seconds longs, it’s just a snippet of what the band have to offer.

We end with “10:15” - keeping the emotional high, Carrier have crafted the perfect amount of Metal and melodies to make “10:15” my favourite track off “Wither”. It’s simple drum beat and effective guitar riff mirror the crying out of never letting go.

Carrier have produced a EP for themselves, a EP that screams out passion, a EP that has set their careers off on the right path. Keep an eye on Carrier in 2018.

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