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Fine Creatures Release Debut Single 'Birthday Cake'

Fine Creatures are excited to share their debut single ‘Birthday Cake’ released via UK independent label Seaside Records.

‘Birthday Cake’ is as infectious, as it is catchy, combining luscious shoe-gazing ambience, with undeniable vocal melodies, and scratchy Grunge-esque guitar hooks that will burrow their way into your mind and have you singing “La la, la la, la la, la la”.

Formed of three friends studying at university in 2013, the inception of Fine Creatures took place through sharing a student house and a love of ‘60’s Pop and ‘90s Alt-Rock. With the later addition of Malte Henning on guitar, the Brighton four-piece were complete - and things really started to pick up.

“When we first started, I always said that I wanted to be ‘the dirty Beatles’,” laughs Fine Creatures frontman, James Hall. “That’s a good way to describe us.”

It’s that rough and ready blueprint of Pop, Grunge, and Psychedelia where melody meets menace that makes Fine Creatures such a bright shining hope. They make inescapable earworms, but with a nasty bite.

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