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Cold Years Release New Single/Video 'Miss You To Death'

Aberdeen, Scotland-based Rock band Cold Years are pleased to reveal their new single and video for ‘Miss You To Death’. the band also recently revealed their return next year with a brand new EP titled 'Northern Blue' set for release on 2nd March 2018. Commenting on the evolution of their new material, front man Ross Gordon said: “'Miss You To Death' was the second song we wrote for this record, and it just naturally felt like the lead single from the start. I remember sitting alone one night listening to Dire Straits self-titled record, and all these images of my childhood just flashed through my head. You know - things like playing pool with your dad on a Saturday night at like 5 years old, while that record is playing in the background. It’s weird how you hold all these songs close to you, and they actually just take you back to specific moments in your life. I just thought ‘Okay, how am I going to listen to this song 30 years from now if he’s not around?’ That kind of set the tone for the whole of the new record. We really wanted to push ourselves as musicians, and I feel that we did that. Everyone had such a huge part in shaping this sound. It’s so much fun to play, and we can’t wait to play it live!”

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