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InAir - 'A Different Light' EP Review


1. Rise Again

2. Tonight Is Our Night

3. Insomnia

4. Bound To Break

InAir have only been a band since the start of 2016 but have managed to release a single “Meant To Be” and B-side “When I’m Gone”. They end 2017 by releasing their debut EP “A Different Light”, a project the band have been working on all year round to get finished.

We start off with the techno sounds of “Rise Again”. From it’s big build up I was expecting more from the opening track as it felt a little all talk and no action. The song switches into the first verse with no power. We then go into “Tonight Is Our Night”. It instantly feels like now we are talking, we get to hear the raw sounds of the guitar and drums but again it’s all calms down when the gentle vocals. kick in “Tonight Is Our Night” does flow better and with its huge chorus you keep listening and wanting more!

I’m not sure if the techno works but that’s how “Insomnia” starts, the exciting build up gets your head nodding until I find myself disappointed again. Crunching riffs takes the band to another catchy chorus, InAir show glimpses of talent in every song but the cross genres don’t seem to flow very well.

We finish off with “Bound To Break” a song that sounds like InAir have got it right, small parts of electronics at the beginning which transform into a drum beat. Again there is a build up but no disappointment this time, the perfect transition is made to bring the electronics back in and we again hit that chorus, something I expect from listening to the EP from start to finish.

Tidying things up with a dirty break down, “Bound To Break” is my favourite from “A Different Light”, if you are looking for Electronic Rock, you have come to the right place.

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Review - Jake Williams

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