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The Desperados - 'The Desperados' EP Review


1. Salt, Tequila & Lime

2. I Ain't Scared Of Dying

3. The Desperados

4. Going Down Slow

The EP opens up with a fast Rock n' Roll (ish) vibe called “Salt Tequila & Lime”, its a nod to 50’s style boogie with added distortion but unfortunately screams of something that was written quickly at a house party for a laugh whilst drinking tequila. Its straight ahead riffage is some what catchy but after two or three listens becomes irritating.

Track two ‘I Aint Scared Of Dying” starts with a ‘Green Onions’ style riff and with the same fuzzed guitar. A tale of the Rock n' Roll attitude of “Live fast die young” is not delivered in any sort of memorable or interesting way and at 1 min 59 sec in its entirety, it some how got repetitive even with nearly half the song is a guitar solo.

Next up, is the penultimate track of the EP “The Desperados” (also the band name) is better musically, there are a couple moving parts that go somewhere but again quickly becomes lyrically repetitive even with lifting the iconic line “If you’ve got bad news, you wanna kick those blues” from JJ Cales “Cocaine”…maybe its a coincidence??

This far into the EP its seems that the band have been concentrating on something other than writing music, maybe perfecting their “guitar faces” is where their time has been spent.

The final track of the record is called “Going Down Slow”, a song aiming for the Hendrix style rhythm with (of course) wah pedal but that's a hell of a sound to aim for. The lyrics don’t really make any sense, something to do with a girl I assume but no scene is set, no picture is painted, oh and the second half of the songs is of course a guitar solo…

Everyone in this band can play their instruments, but attention to detail and honesty is what makes music so beautiful. It all screams a bit lets all be cool and throw in a few familiar cliche’d lines for good measure without actually offering anything. If this was an early teen band writing their first songs I would say well done, keep going, but sadly I don’t think this is the case.

Review - David McManamon

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