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As Sirens Fall Release New Video For 'In My Mind' Featuring Skindred's Benji Webbe

Take The Power Back. It is the battle cry of Keighley natives As Sirens Fall on their anthemic new single 'In My Mind', telling a story that resonates on many levels. From the beginnings of the uprising against the establishment as shown in 'In My Mind''s creative music video, to the lyric inspiration of being a positive message against mental illness, depression and the struggles of everyday life, 'In My Mind' is a song the band hope will help people when they need it most. 'In My Mind' is given an extra power boost by the unmistakable vocal prowess of Skindred frontman Benji Webbe, who adds his rapid fire delivery at several points throughout the track. Benji can also be seen alongside As Sirens Fall in the song's music video.

"This is actually an older song of ours. When we got together to begin writing together after 'THE HOSPITAL PARTY', we dug this old thing back up and brought it back to life. I’m so glad we did. The video is absolute insanity. I cannot believe we pulled something like this off. We shot enough footage to make a short film. Fitting this into a 4 minute music video was an absolute nightmare. I can’t wait to see what people think of what we’ve been up to. It was awesome working with Benji. He’s super friendly and professional and when he added his vocal parts in, he helped us bring this song to life. His presence in the video is amazing. The guy is a Rock n' Roll machine. We wanted to represent how hard it is for people to talk about mental health, and not only that it is hard – but that people are often pushed into not acknowledging it at all. It’s been a hard year for the people in this band, but it feels really good to come back with something that we’re all so proud of and excited about. We left the black and whites of 'THE HOSPITAL PARTY' behind. We decided to introduce way more colour into the whole image of the band. It felt like a step forward."

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